iFind connects to create a neighbourhood network where the daily spending of an individual, one family or whole neighbourhoods – together, can become a leverage toward ‘value’.

Together is the power of economies of scale. Together we get more than if we were to work alone. iFind is a community network that strives for the best value in: purchasing, price, products, and later on in the kind of products for all of us who live in one area.


iFind works on the premise that everyone deserves more power to the Ringgit – more power: Value. Particularly with inflation and now GST.

Your friends and family still spend. You spend! A day may see you paying for breakfast, a bus ticket, cab fare, buying a pen, maybe buying a new dress or buying some books for your children. Some days you could be paying school fees. Getting new glasses for you mother. Giving yourself a treat at a nice café, going for a mani pedi. So, it’s all money out.

How about getting something back for every Ringgit you spend?!

iFind wants to make sure you get value for spending normally because you deserve it

More Value To Your Ringgit

If you spend MYR10 at a bakery that carries an iFind logo, you can get more power for your Ringgit. For example, your local bakery may give you MYR0.50 back for MYR10 spent in iFind points. All you have to do is collect these points and exchange them at the same bakery once you have enough points. So, your favourite bakery is giving you back something just for doing what you usually do!

More Choice Just For you

You can exchange iFind points for things you need or want at your favourite shops OR at other places in your neighbourhood. Just look out for shops that have the iFind logo on their doors.

iFind Remembers You

iFind has birthday treats planned for you. And there are all those “members only” invitation for special events. This is simply so as you can get more, just by doing what you normally do.