Biiya Sutori brings you safe and quality products in promoting one's overall health and wellness. The product ranges from women's sanitray pads and baby diapers that is free from dangerous

❣️Common sanitary pad uses plastic that contained BPA that have harmful chemical and Fiber contained dioxin which can cause ovarian cancer. Wu Zhao Yi uses polypropylene (PP), a thermalplastic Polymer for the safeness of the pad. Also, we used polyethylene(PE), a light, versatile synthetic resin made from the polymerization of ethylene.
Our cotton are made from Japan ES pure cotton. We have our SAP (Super absorbent polymer) from Japan to instantly lock on the water.

❣️Sanitary pads in the market contained pesticides. Our pad have been through US FDA (Food and Drug Administrations) and it's is guaranteed 100% free from all the harmful things.

❣️Our pad is definitely free from dioxin(explained on first and second point)aAnd we are free from fluorescent agent which is a chemical often used to create 'whitening' effects on a product.

❣️Instead of chemical fragrancts, we used 8 Chinese herbal to helps get rid of the smell and also to helps you to recuperate your womb to produce healthy eggs!!!

❣️Individually packed and sealed sanitary pads ensure unnecessary exposure where bacteria will be formed

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